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Miami 2016 Documentary

Well, we just completed a successful trip to and from Miami, FL to shoot a documentary about Miami's most dedicated non-profits and how we can keep their tropical ecosystems thriving. A tribe of 8 made the trek with most of us driving and a few flying. It was a 2700 mile round trip completed in 4 days. We had an incredibly educational and inspiring experience! We can't thank the non-profits enough that gave us this opportunity to learn about and experience Miami's tropical ecosystems as well as clean up some trash! The first day we went out on a NPS boat into Biscayne National Park with Debris Free Oceans and VolunteerCleanup.Org to clean up one of the keys and then connect with our environment via snorkeling some reefs and shipwrecks! There was no shortage of tropical fish, jellyfish, sharks and stingrays! The second day was spent yet again on a boat out with Rescue a Reef Program while their members and citizen scientists planted staghorn coral along reefs to aid in reef restoration. These staghorn coral are threatened in the area and grown in a nursery at Miami University in order to replant along the natural reefs around Miami. We are all incredibly energized to move forward with Re-Youth's projects as well as get the documentary that we shot while in Miami with these groups out for you all to see! We are hoping to have the documentary done within the next month or so but it will definitely be available to watch by 2017! We are also still working on another more local doc in regards to NJ Pine Barrens preservation that will also be released around the same time. Keep your eyes peeled!

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