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International Coastal Cleanup 2016!

John and Felicia journeyed out to Atlantic City yesterday to participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day. They were some of the only volunteers to venture out in kayaks to pick trash out of the marshlands. The most common items found were plastic bags, glass bottles and potato chip bags (most are a mixture of plastic and aluminum).

We also wanted to share some of our favorite videos on making easy reusable everyday products from things you already have laying around the house!

This is a quick video on how to make reusable grocery bags from an old tshirt. Our favorite part about them is the ability to just throw them in with the laundry whenever they get dirty!

Have a ton of small pieces of old soap laying around the house? This is another favorite on how to put them all together into a new bar of soap instead of throwing them away. One more way to waste less!

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