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Re-Youth is enthusiastic about getting involved in the Community.  In order to make a noticeable difference we take to the streets (and the woods and the beaches!) with volunteers and participate in local clean-ups.  During these events we encourage participants to take part in trash pick-up, recycling, and interactive discussions about the impacts of both proper and improper waste disposal on our land, waterways, and the future of our planet.


Current Projects
We are excited to be working in close cunjunction with the South Jersey Land & Trust, the Black Run Preserve, and the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. We also will be stepping outside of NJ to work with other non-profits to get our message heard. We look forward to doing some seasonal project management and hosting a number of clean-ups this year.

Miami 2016 Documentary

Re-Youth got together with a number of Miami based non-profits August 19-22 of 2016 to film a documentary revolving around Miami's efforts to keep the oceans clean and preserve the local ecosystems. Look for this documentary before the end of 2016!

The following organizations will be featured in the documentary, please give support!

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