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The Team

These are the members of Re-Youth's project management team.  Working towards the common goal of preserving and protecting the Earth for future generations, these are the minds, hearts, and souls that are driven by their passion and love of Nature.  We each represent individually to spread the word in our local areas, but we always support each other to reach our goals. 

John Anderson

President & Cofounder

Hello good people, my name's John.  I am an Environmental Engineer and I love to surf, make music and bring people together to tend to this amazing Earth.  I felt my first call to action during Superstorm Sandy.  I attended a clean up by myself hosted by Clean Ocean Action and the Salvation Army.  It was there I realized how much work it is to make a change and how crucial it is to work together. After many more cleanups with Clean Ocean Action, I became a Beach Captain where I learned to set up my own cleanups.


After a surfing trip with Project Manager, Brandon Cepas, he asked me how the whole process worked.  It was that day we decided to start our own cleanups, giving opportunity to anyone interested in lending a hand.


Re-Youth has been an amazing experience.  I am always so excited to see new faces eager to help.  Each person brings their indivudial perspective to the table and that's what gives us the colletive.  I believe if we want to see change in this world, it is going to take the entire community.  So come join us.  Together we can be that change.  ~   ~   ~    ~  

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Project Manager



Hello! I am a senior biology major at Rowan University and a ReYouth Project manager. I love our projects because they give us the opportunity to work together to improve our neighborhoods and communities. I am very passionate about the environment, wildlife, and healthy ecosystems so our projects are dear to my heart. 


Upon graduation I aspire to work for the EPA or NJDEP to learn more about how to conserve and protect the beautiful, bountiful land we live on. When I am not stewarding the earth, you can find me surfing, baking, or exploring the outdoors with my dog Mila!

Alyssa Wheeldon
Brandon Cepas


My name is Brandon Cepas and I am an electrical engineer. I also enjoy studying history and philosophy. I hope to use my knowledge to develop technology which can assist us in living in harmony with our environment. I enjoy riding motocross, surfing, reading, and music. The idea behind Reyouth for me is working to help our society live in unity with the natural world as well as collaborating with others to benefit society. I believe through spreading knowledge and working together as a community we can begin to achieve this goal as well as inspire others to do the same. "The mind is everything. What you think you become." - Buddha

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Darcy Ritt

Cofounder & New Brunswick Project Manager

Hola a todos — My name is Darcy and I am a co-founder of Re-Youth. I work as a Spanish teacher and translator, and as well as creative online blogger. When I'm not working in front of my computer (which is few and far between!), I enjoy playing the guitar, sipping on a coffee, and spending time outdoors. My outlook on life centers around staying positive—because there is always a bright side. "Keep your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you."  — Maori Proverb

Special Thanks to friends of Re-Youth:

~ Felicia Sonsini for the creation of this website and its content.

~ Dan Romano for filming and editing the various projects Re-Youth has collaborated on.

~Haley Martin for her support.

Join Our Cause:
Andrew Fangmeyer

Cofounder & Project Manager & Permaculturist

Re-Youth is one of many outlets for me to play my part in the harmonious cycle that is life on this planet.  I am a firm believer that it is we who belong to the Earth, and that it deserves to be stewarded, respected, and cared for.

   I try to approach all that I do with the mindset that we are but a spoke in the wheel of existence, and that we play a crucial role in keeping that wheel turning. Whether planting seeds, playing music, sharing time with other life, or just appreciating the magnificence of nature, I aim to nurture and strengthen the relationship that exists between humanity and all that surrounds us. 

   I feel that If we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us. It is a great honor, and quite humbling, to share that view with, and be a part of, such a group of individuals as ReYouth.

Joey Wrona

Project Manager & Cofounder

Chemical Engineer

I am a chemical engineer from Drexel University, constantly in pursuit of further understanding the world. My goal is to make realistic and sustainable contributions to the Earth and society. On my down time I enjoy playing music, cooking, and being out doors. As a member of this growing organization, I believe ReYouth represents all the positive characteristics of human beings and actively portrays them through means of volunteer projects, workshops, and other activities.

Cultivate the self, you cultivate the world. 

Ken Casal

Co-founder, Project Manager, Artist &

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Aho! Good day people of Earth, my name is Ken and I am co-founder, project manager and artist of Re-youth. This Earth is a great inspiration for my art and way of life so I choose to protect it. I am also a wildlife rehabilitator at the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge here in Medford, NJ. Animals are one of my great passions and I see them as my relatives. They teach us  about ourselves more than we can understand and taking care of this family is important to me.  In the current situation of our Earth, every part of the ecosystem matters and they each have their place and their purpose in this Great Circle. Us human beings take a greater role in this environment and every choice we make matters and creates an impact on our Earth. This is the only Earth we have and so I believe that we have the birthright and the responsibility to take care of and to protect our home in every way possible. As a part of Re-Youth, I strive to raise awareness, to promote a cleaner and harmonious Earth, to help create a change for us to live in a symbiotic relationship with our surroundings and to leave a beautiful earth for our children's future. Our way of life counts and how we walk it is up to us and how we want our world to be for our future and for the future generations to come.

Now is the time for action.

Andrea Rose



Andrea Rose is a passionate healer clinically trained in aromatherapy and herbalism. Along side teaching and making medicine, she fills her day with song, laughter and nurturing her garden. 


Andrea is the owner and formulator of Honey Rose Botanicals, a small crafted herbal beauty business located along the outskirts of Philadelphia. 


In addition to consultations and her business, she finds the importance of teaching others. Find her protecting our waters and lands with ReYouth and come learn about native medicinal plants along our journey. 

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